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Bair and switch in less than 3 months

(Topic created on: 10-22-2021 05:13 PM)
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 Last time I get a Samsung CP as I just put memory card in last day and do back up on a jump drive. Even last co you could not find it and I did by other means.
 You make a good product sometimes and then turn it into junk.
 Fool me once 
Fool me again is shame on me.
 Learned my lesson that you LIE and change terms long before my warranty is up.
 Think I shall call Canadian better business and lay complete as I just bought this flag ship CP and in less than 3 months you change if.
Notice of Samsung Cloud Service Termination for Some Features

Dear Samsung Cloud Customers,

Beginning on 2021-11-30, Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by Samsung Cloud and your data will be deleted, as explained further below.

Termination Schedule

No longer be able to newly use above listed features
OneDrive migration and data download available
Discontinue existing use of Gallery Sync and Drive
End of OneDrive migration support (only data download available)
Cancel the then-current premium storage subscription automatically and refund the last payment
(* Gradual roll out per user)
End of data download support and the final deprecation of features subject to end
* Depending on the status of service operation, the above schedule may vary without further notice.
* There may be technical delay with the complete removal of data from the Samsung Cloud server.
* For more detailed information, please visit Samsung Cloud website.

Make sure to download your precious data by 2021-11-30.

Samsung Cloud supports data download until the final deprecation date for customers to securely download their data. When it gets close to the final deprecation date, you might not be able to download your data smoothly due to the increased number of users. Please make sure to download your data via Samsung Cloud app or web now.

* Data will be completely deleted 60 days after you selected Download my data, or the final termination date 2021-11-30, whichever comes first.


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What are you going on about?

Samsung shutting down Samsung Cloud isn't anything new.

Just move your stuff to One Drive or wherever you want. 

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Samsung Cloud sorted out my 4 business accounts according to email account and already had 8 contact lists for phone numbers merged together in my cp directory from letting Google cloud **bleep** every account signed in on this CP.
Now Google is on a tight leash and blocked from my personal contact list as that is over 570 and with the Google cloud lose in my cp it was near 1700 contacts. Google browser locked out with Brave browser doing my FB and YouTube as they are also locked out apps in settings.
This give one full complete free of advertising. Used to be able to use Mozilla till they sold out to Google and their add blocker is a pathetic joke.
Try Brave Browser and set it default and you can still get Google in search bar but it won't Sniff who is using it as it has incredible privacy settings. Great for watching Netflix free movies as Google in last month has put in codex sniffer there browser.
Still a free net and now with near unlimited data I chose a 100gig memory chip to say I have true control of my data with data encryption for my SD that keeps the leaches out that don't pay for stealing your blood