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NoSimLock Unlocked (bypass welcome screen no sim card needed fix)

(Topic created on: 05-21-2024 05:14 PM)
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For those of you who are wondering no if you bought the phone out or from samsung than this will work idk about rented devices but when you are at the welcome screen on the 24 24+ 24 Ultra press+hold the volume down key for 5 seconds or until a notification appears at the bottom of the screen indicating that No sim is unlocked 

For s23 23+ 23ultra may be the same if not try tapping corners starting top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left repeat untill indication apears or it's top right, top left ,bottom left, bottom right repeat untill indication apears . Now the same indication on the s23 should appear as it does on the s24 hope this helps.

Keep in mind they must be unlocked not locked in with a carrier not sure if it would work with a carrier loaned phone but just a note this was only tried on the 23 ultra and the 24 and 24+ and 24 ultra if these methods don't work than I am sorry 

Nosimlock unlocked

This is only to bypass the sim card needed at the Welcome screen during the phones setup process for those who dont want to buy a sim or if you can not afford it or those who cant afford a plan at the time and want to use their phone temporarily untill they can aford it or those who just want to use it for mobile gaming writing drawing etc as far as I know both methods worked fine for me in the past and are still working for me now I hope it works for you to 😁 

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All phones have to be unlocked in Canada. They cannot be locked to a carrier. Only exception is if the phone was bought outside of Canada (ie.not a Canadian model). In which case YMMY.

In terms of not using SIM during setup, I want to test the phone right away and try it out without the hassle of inserting the SIM. Especially if it turns out to be a lemon and needs to be returned. But that's just me. 😅