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Qualcomm Processor for all Galaxy S23 Lineup

(Topic created on: 11-04-2022 07:50 PM)
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Its been confirmed that Samsung will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor in the Galaxy S23 line up. The company will reportedly no longer use an Exynos chipset in its 2023 flagship smartphone series Globally.
(We always had the Snapdragon processor for North America)


S23 Ultra benchmark spotted

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Unless Samsung unlocks the Bootloaders on the non North American variants, I guess kiss Root goodbye. That, aside from performance, including battery life, was the major difference between Snapdragon & Exynos variants.

Hopefully the Consumer Protection laws in the EU particularly, will force Samsung to do just that.

It's also a humbling experience for Samsung, to acknowledge that their own chipset is inferior to that of Qualcomm's

Benchmark is that of a US model, and without any comparison to the same device with an Exynos chip, is probably of limited value.