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S20FE soft reboot every night after November Update

(Topic created on: 02-15-2023 01:13 PM)
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After the November update, I think it was, the last big one with new features and UI enhancements, my phone now reboots every night, while charging.  I have checked and the auto restart setting etc isn't on, or I can't find the actual one.  But it's not a full reboot, it's a soft reset, I have to enter my PIN, the volume for BT connections is back to default instead of MAX etc, but if I look at the UP time, it's still accumulating.  I can't figure out what to do, it's not a huge inconvenience, but it's NOT right, and also I have to make sure to check my Spotify, as sometimes during a reboot, it defaults to download my music to the phone itself instead of the SD card as I had it set prior to the reboot.

I should mention, I think this only happens when it is charging, originally I thought it was a wireless charging thing, as I left my phone charging via USB-C one night and it didn't happen, second night it did it again though and continued again to do so.  

I have seen other suggestions for these random reboots, I can't remember what they all were, but I have tried all suggested actions thus far.  Just did an update right now, security etc, but doubting it will fix this, as this is the second update since the big one, and the last one didn't fix the problem.  Hoping someone else is having this issue and knows of a fix?  I am hoping to avoid a total factory reset, although if I have to then I guess I have no choice.  


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I think that there's some unrelated things happening. 

I used to save my Spotify music to the external sd card, but I did notice that periodically it would switch to Internal storage. Ultimately I have left Spotify on the Internal storage. 

Spotify has always done this, regardless of which device I had, so I think that it's a Spotify thing & not Samsung's issue. 

If it was only having to enter your PIN / Patten to unlock the phone, that's normal from my experience, and nothing to do with a soft reboot. I think that it's a security feature, just to verify that it is you using the phone. 

BT Volume.. I've never noticed if it's changed or not, but it's never been an issue for me. 

You could Boot into Recovery & Wipe Cache, but I'm not sure if your device is actually soft Rebooting.. based on what you said about the uptime, I don't think that it is. 


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I agree with @RedDogRabbit that you don't actually appear to have a problem here.

Scheduled auto restart isn't a thing anymore so you won't find it in settings

Having to enter your pin or whatever security you have set up is quite normal after charging for everybody

I don't personally use Spotify and don't have a phone with a sd card so can't comment on that. 

BT volume is a pretty easy fix

Wiping cache would be a good plan 

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Hi, as suggested by others you can try Wipe cache partition. Below are the steps to perform clear cache partition.

1.Turn off the unit.

2.Press and hold the volume up button and press and hold the on/off button. When the Android logo is displayed, release all keys ("Installing system update" is displayed before displaying the Android system recovery menu options).

3.Press the volume down key repeatedly to highlight "wipe cache partition".

4.Press the Power key to select. Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Yes" and press the Power button to select. When the wiping of the cache partition is completed, "Reboot System Now" is highlighted.

5.Press the Power button to reboot the unit.

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I'll try the suggestions. However before the update I had NEVER had to enter my pin after taking it off the charger. And it clearly says "must enter pin after restart" so it's not just a normal pin for security, it says restart. Also verified as I've been driving home after a nightshift, phone plugged in to charger and when charge hits 100% the phone disconnects from my cars Bluetooth and does a soft restart. My fingerprint, face and connected smart watch are the security features its always used to verify it was me. 

What's happening isn't normal as I've had the phone for nearly 2 years and only started doing this. 

The volume "resetting" to a normal "safe" volume after restart has always been a Samsung thing, did it with my S7 and S9 previously. 

Again not a big deal as when this contract is done, I'm done with this phone and obviously if I stay with Samsung, done with external memory. 

The volume and pin are not an inconvenience but the Spotify reverting to internal storage is and only occurs because of the restart and only concerns me as I can't figure out how to reclaim space as somehow apps and "other" or "system" space are claiming 110 gb of my space.

The Spotify music is the only stuff that saved to the SD, the app can't be moved, which in the Spotify forums is an ongoing issue for many.

Thabks for the suggestions. In other discussions in the forums, that solution has been suggested as well for phones randomly doing full reboots. I'll give it a try.

I think you're right that it's not actually rebooting but it's doing something akin to it. It says on the display that I must enter pin after restart but my uptime is not reset.

Does the solution offered only work if it's actually rebooting. 

Failing this, a full reset of the phone, any apps on the SD card, will the saved data work still once I reinstall apps?