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S22 Ultra Trade Update! PLZ READ!

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Worst Trade in experience ever!

Hello fellow Samsung members, a little history about myself, 31 years working with computers and a lTech savvy person who loves there electronic toys! And take care of my stuff!

I've been a huge Samsung Supporter since the S4 galaxy days.
I've always purchased Samsung Phones from my Phone carriers usually, but this time around I decided to trade in my s22 ultra almost mint condtion , little scuff on an edge , the phone was pretty much almost in mint condtion with Protection since Day one (Screen is Mint!!) With SC+ warranty added.
The transaction from Samsungs Website to commit dates was a 10/10

After a month I received an email from Assurant (Asurion) which have partnerships with Samsung into warranties and there trade in program, and the email stated the value is determined now to be less due to screen damage, and the value of my s22 ultra 512gb is $194 which now I have to pay a total of $328 Canadian ! 

After 3 months of constant calls to Samsung ! And hours and hours wasted,
90% of my calls to Samsung Canada est (20 calls) were prior to my deadline!
Which means I still had the option of purchasing my phone back and reselling it at a much higher value !
So.... what did Samsung Do ? Nothing !
As a long term Loyal Customer I was thrown to the curb!
After email after email and call after call they don't give a **bleep** !

I'm very traditional and as much as I love Samsung products I will never ever recommend nor would I ever purchase ANY Samsung products at this point (principal) (business ethics) (customer service) I will have to say goodbye and spread the word to ppl about this experience. 

I am appauled! by the lack of support I've received in resolving this issue as 95% of the time no one calls you back nor do they commit to the 24-48hrs call back 
bs !

The main Culprit (Asurion) I Personally did not sign partnerships with , Samsung did, which means Samsung FIX THIS !
And stay the hell away from these Crooks! 

I just wanted to share my full experience with everyone and hopefully Someone From Samsungs Loyalty dept or Ceo sees what's happening here and hopefully resolving this.
I was planning on also getting the s24 ultra next release ! The beauty about Android is I have other options!

Sorry for the long message 
Tried to sum it up as short as possible 

Thank you.

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After years of reading the less than pleasant experiences of others, I would never trade in with Samsung Canada. Selling privately, you always get more money & there's never any surprises! 

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Don't do Samsung trade-in. Its a scam.
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The numerous complaints here validate your statement. What's worse is Samsung's terrible support, whether it's when you call them or when their bots post on this site. It's too bad that they don't understand that better support equals more sales.
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Incredible how many of these post are started and just ended here and no one from samsung and I don't mean a mod saying we're sorry to hear you had a bad experience every coming here and posting about looking into all thr complaints from users. Samsung Canada really does t care about the Canadian market in my eyes. What people need to do if find thr ceo's email or Twitter and just send as many t emails stating there un satisfactory dealings with this company. Incredible. I'm new to the aamsung eco system I have spent a lot of money on leaving apple. Only because there products really haven't change. Not for service as when ever I had an issue they for me were spot on. Now do I like the samsung product yes do I care for there service NO. This is were samsung falls really short from Apple. There techs have zero knowledge I had more help here from good members then samsung itself. That is a shame.

Rent over.

Have a good Sunday 👍 everyone.
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💯 Twitter is mostly outsourced also
I've dealt with them on Twitter (Samsung Canada)
And it's no different than calling in. It's sad really
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Wow, I guess I got lucky with my trade-in, which of my S22U for the first time this year to get the S23U. They actually gave me the trade-in value estimated, but reading your story makes me weary for future trade-ins now. A customer who is willing to trade-in is a customer who is pretty brand loyal to get the next version each time. It's too bad Samsung doesn't take that into account and makes us deal with a third-party company who doesn't care about customer loyalty.

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Honestly anyone who ever does a trade in , take pics videos send them via email right away !
And possible send these crooks Asurion a copy!
Just to keep them Honest!

My goal now is to make more people aware of this.
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Yea I'll take that advice if I trade in my fold. I know I'd get more selling, but that comes with some risk too. Thanks for sharing and the heads up.
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Even that no longer works. I had pictures , after declining the zero value offer in my s22+ still fully covered with Samsung care - took it in person to metrown Samsung and had a manager do a full inspection , test , take pictures etc to prove that there was no liquid damage as claimed - even got it in email ...... And still they won't even admit.they made an error

Their offer if resolve is I could again.roll.the dice if I feel that strongly an error has occured and Samsung at their sole discretion will review for ANY damage and might , maybe , sort of ,,,, could maybe give.it some value.

The product is good but they are very prepared to have customers walk away instead of acknowledging there is a problem

Very expensive lesson learned in this scam - and now stuck with 2 phones

My advice - buy a burner phone to use for trade in and expect only the trade in value. If you choose to send in a phone that has value expect to have it devalued to zero.

If you believe your trade in has value greater than the trade in bonus .... Do not trade it in.

The sad part of this is all companies make mistakes as do consumers. Good customer service would be a company simply acknowledging an error happened and making it right - we all can't be perfect every time right !

But doubling down on an error at all cost to avoid accepting an error occurs is why I won't do business online with them ever again. Who ever wants to sell me a Samsung device has to be prepared to stand behind their sale and product ..... And not be if the mind set that it's better to burn a customer than say opps ... Sorry