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Z Flip 3 5G cracked screen along fold

(Topic created on: 10-26-2022 06:12 PM)
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I had my Galaxy Z flip 3 5G for about 9 months of use. The fold started to peel the screen protector first, next it started to show two black lines in the middle of the fold, and even worst the screen became frozen and hardly touch. I had to restart the phone and realise the phone become num it didn't let me do it. The black started dramatically expanding. I was totally surprising what going on with my phone because I haven't felt my phone down or neglected with my phone. 

Being a flagship Samsung user for ages, I feel totally disappointed with the customer service that answered the issue when I bought my phone at the Samsung store. They doubted the impossibility of my back cover causing the black crack or that I touched the screen too hard. This is so ridiculous to hear. Anyway, Samsung refused their responsibility on this matter of 9 months use. I used to admire Samsung for their innovation which could make the phone fold. However, there is a limitation there, the fold can not last sustainability which Samsung needs to realize and continuously challenge itself instead turn its back on users. Definitely, I am not a single user to experience it, soon millions of Samsung phone fold users will face the same as me. 

I can tell my family and ppl around me to get away from Samsung products now.

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Sorry to hear that! 😞 I had no issue with my fold 3 and now 4 and the flip my wife is using. The only thing I don't like is battery life and the middle screen that I know there is a kind of line. Other than that I had no issue with Samsung. Even when I had issue with my s20 they fix it. Maybe you just not lucky or not lucky
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Hi, we are sorry to hear this issue from you.

We kindly request you to contact our Live chat team.

So that, they will help you to create a service ticket to ship the device as we offer a door-to-door pick-up service.

The turnaround time for door-to-door service is 3-5 business days and may vary depending on distance, weather and other factors.

The Samsung authorized service technician examine the device and will determine whether it is covered under warranty.

If you had purchased Samsung care+ plan, you can contact them to fix it under care+.

Call at 1-877-699 1356 to initiate service request, they are available 24 hours/7 days per Week.

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You're saying that you have the phone for 9 months so that means you're still under warranty. If you live near a service center call them first see if they have the replacement part and if they do make a appointment bring it in and it takes about a day. I'm speaking from experience I had to replace my fold 3 inner screen thinking it was the screen protector but it was the whole inner screen.
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I have essentially the same problem, however I was one of the original pre-sale purchasers, so I am now out of warranty.  Lucky for me, the pre-sale included Care+.  Unlucky for me, I live in Alberta, so the nearest Service Centre who will touch this is in Ontario...  So, now I need to get a "spare phone" so I can send this phone away for a week or 2, and under Care+ there is also the $190 fee...