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Rusty Dishwasher Racks 2X within 3 years

(Topic created on: 04-14-2024 08:19 AM)
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We purchased a Samsung dishwasher model DW80R9950US/AA on November 26, 2021. Since then we have replaced 1 bottom rack under the extended warranty and now the top and bottom rack after contacting Samsung and being told that there is a 5 YEAR RACK WARRANTY. Who ever heard of such a thing? I recorded the chat sessions to prove that Samsung is aware if this issue yet continues to burden the customer after we put faith in purchasing their product. 

I had a Whirlpool and a GE in which the racks NEVER rusted. The Whirlpool lasted 15 years. 

The problem with the Samsung "5 Year rack warranty" is that it took 1 service call that got rejected, 2 months, 3 phone very long phone calls, and 4 very long chat sessions, to get it done. From what I gather, Samsung is using wear down tactics to hope we go away. I mean to ask me about my invoice after 2 service tickets and 4 chats sessions is ridiculous. As of today, I am still waiting for the bottom rack. Depending on the outcome, I am seriously thinking about selling all of my Samsung TV's, phones, and appliances and replacing them.

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Hi, we certainly understand your frustration regarding the Dishwasher and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

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We kindly request you to please contact our Live chat support team by using the below link. We are sure that they will forward this issue to our higher team and help you with the best possible option.


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