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7 yrs of OS and Security updates. Is this an issue

(Topic created on: 02-05-2024 08:45 AM)
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This is a great topic to think about. I feel this would not be considered an issue. In my opinion, 7 years of OS and Security updates might be a little bit excessive. I think 5 years should be long enough as every year we upgrade our phones to the newest features and software.
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Who is "we"?

Replaceable batteries and software upgrades are going to assist people in keeping their devices longer. This is financially beneficial as well as something that will decrease unnecessary waste.
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Wondering how many people are still using an S10+?

"The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a significant upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in terms of performance, camera, and battery life. It has a newer processor, more RAM, a better camera system, and a larger battery." - Quora (don't care enough to search for other articles). 


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I'm still using Galaxy S5 with Android 11 and its original battery.
Bought a replacement battery 2 years ago, but it was only slightly better than the original one and after one year it started to swell a little, which forced me to switch back to the original battery.

Currently after 1,5 - 2 hours of Youtube video playback, a fully charged up battery is completely drained. It's not a major concern for me, as I use the phone primarily for messaging.

I would love to buy a new phone, but sadly after all these years there is still no phone with a removable battery and good features.

Yes, there is Fairphone, but it is highly overpriced due to fair materials, and it doesn't have any cool features like Samsung DEX or a very good camera that would be worth an upgrade.

I wonder how long I need to wait until there is something worth an upgrade. Perhaps the Galaxy S25?