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Is anyone else having major issues after updating to 6.1?

(Topic created on: 05-31-2024 07:17 PM)
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After updating my S22, I now have started getting a variety of software bugs that never used to happen. I have to force restart my phone multiple times a day now.

For one, I keep encountering an issue where my Quick pannel and notification stop working. All the notifications are blank and none of the buttons work. It always comes back after a restart. It's happened like 10 times.
I also got an issue where when attempting to return to the home screen from an app the phone froze completely and a message popped up saying "this app is not optimized for the current version of android" Which I assume is talking about one ui.
Aditionly sometimes the phone will freeze when trying to open an app and will lag and freeze. Then something glitches and the app manages to open behind one ui. It looks like a screenshot as a wallpaper but you can tell it's the app working in the background? It's like that on the home and lock screen and you cannot use the app switcher or open an app so you must restart. 
I have been having a bunch of other visual glitches like that last one that are the same but slightly different aswell. Does anyone know why this is happening or if there are any foxes to prevent? Let me know if you're also having these issues.
Quick Pannel not working at all anymore.

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Cue the clear the cache post ..
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Well, it can't hurt. 

Personally, I always Factory Reset after EVERY Android Version Update.. 

I've never had any issues by following this habit. 

I've also said this many, many times.. I know that there's a script in the updates, that is meant to make this unnecessary, and for many it's fine. 

If someone is getting unpredictable behaviour from their devices.. It makes sense. 

This is clearly not a cut & paste answer. 

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Hi NoahM, that's sad to hear that your'e facing these many issues after the software update. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and certainly understand your disappointment on this.

Have you tried to perform Wipe cache partition? If you wipe your cache partition, it removes any temporary files that may be causing issues with your device. 

Turn off the unit > Press and hold the volume up button and press and hold the on/off button. When the Android logo is displayed, release all keys ("Installing system update" is displayed before displaying the Android system recovery menu options) > Press the volume down key repeatedly to highlight "wipe cache partition" > Press the Power key to select. Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Yes" and press the Power button to select. When the wiping of the cache partition is completed, "Reboot System Now" is highlighted > Press the Power button to reboot the unit.

If nothing works, then please perform back up and factory data reset on your device.



Thank you.

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My issues are different though. After being updated to UI 6.1, the battery excessively drained and the phone is pretty hot even when it is not being used. More severely all functions of call, text are useless as the phone did not recognize the Sim card anymore, error "no Sim card". I wish I could revert it so than I can still use the phone. It's a brick now. When Samsung will release the fix???????