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Network Location Information...

(Topic created on: 12-22-2023 06:32 PM)
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I was looking at the networks saved in my phone and stumbled upon the "Location Information" section for each network my phone listed. One of which is my friends S21 that I connect to hotspot on a lot. They've been missing thier phone for a week and don't have access to accounts without their phone making it difficult to locate online, not to mention they didn't set up any find my phone features at all 🤦‍♀️ Anyways, the location information it displays for their hotspot network - is that real time location? Or just the location of the last place I used their network?
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I'm pretty sure that the location you see for your friend's phone, is the location where you were last connected with it. 

Smart Things can give you real time location information, but they would have needed to add you to their Smart Things shared location (or whatever it is called.. it's early lol) before.