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One UI 5 Bell

(Topic created on: 12-17-2022 01:05 AM)
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Hello everyone, just wondering, does anyone know when One UI 5 will be releasing in Canada with Bell?

I know someone who's already gotten it on the S22, I have the S20FE and still haven't gotten the update yet, I've heard it's supposed to release in December. But there's still nothing.

Thanks for any info!
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Everyone in Canada should get it on December 20
You can see @Ray1 posts each week to know which devices are scheduled to get an update (dates may change or be incorrect) https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-s/updates-according-to-telus/td-p/20097785
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And, it doesn't matter which Canadian Carrier they are with. 

OTAs don't come from the Canadian Carriers, they are all sent from Samsung's Servers. 😊