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Whitestone Dome on S10

(Topic created on: 04-30-2019 04:46 PM)
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I had stated to several members that I would report on my installation and useability of the Witestone Dome screen protector on my S10 after I received and installed it.

The big question that concerns most is weather the fingerprint sensor still works after installing the Whitestone protector which is expensive and my findings were that it works about as good with the Whitestone as it does with Samsungs plastic protector if you follow the instructions provided for installation both on paper and Youtube specific for S10 and S10+.

I have not had good luck with the finger print sensor working very well even with the Samsung preinstalled protector and alot of the time I need a wet finger to get it to work - usually I have to lick my finger and wipe off the excess moisture and then it works. Not sure if it is my dry fingers or just got a bad sensor.

Installation is easy after watching the video several times and it installed perfectly with no airbubbles as some videos show happening.

The screen feels just like the actual glass screen of your phone once installed and doesn't have the draggy effect of running your finger over plastic. 

My conclusion is it works as advertized.


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thanks for sharing!