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Ask An Expert 4 - General Questions Thread!

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Hey Samsung Members,


This is a reminder for the upcoming Ask an Expert event, happing RIGHT NOW! For those who are not familiar with this, the Ask an Expert is a time where any community members can submit questions and have a live response from experts! This time, there's no theme to this event - if you have ANY questions related to Samsung Products and services, bring them tomorrow and we can give an answer!


The event begins at 4PM EST sharp - and ends at 5PM EST. 


All the remainding questions from after the event will not be answered live. Instead, it will be answered later.



  • Please post one question as a “Comment” in this discussion thread
  • The moderator will use the ‘reply’ function in the comment to your answer question based on the Expert panels’ input
  • Only one reply per comment will be made during the event – if there are follow up questions please send them to the Moderator afterwards and we will ensure you get more info!


Some suggestions to keep things moving:

  • Please allow a moment or two for your comment (question) to be replied to – we may need to leverage the knowledge of one or two people in the room to create a clear and accurate reply
  • Please do not flood the forum with multiple comments (questions) – let’s give every Member a chance to ask – per above, we will be happy to continue replying during the days following the  event
  • Please follow our community guidelines at all times

For now, the thread is now CLOSED.

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I can help you in that.

1 Go to gallery
2 Open the image
3 Click edit button
4 Click the three dots on the top
5 You will see Resize Image
6 Select that to change pixels of your picture
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I just purchased a Samsung Tv with the Apple TV app and want to use it with AppleFit+ but have to upgrade the app to TVOS 14.3, how do I do this

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I'm having trouble sending text messages. Called the provided, reset my S20 and still not working
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Greetings and Salutationd
HarryJoe here from
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
Can I say Netflix?
Question Video issue with this service
"No picture just sound
Yes I have called Net...
and all is good
I think this to be the case in that the video picture works with my LG
I HAVE GONE to settings in A10 looked at display n a few other things ..nothing
Also GONE into settings on net... n all good
Reinstalled app nothing
The strange thing is it also does it on my other a10 samsung
What the Harry **bleep**...any ideas.
Also, I'm not ofvUkrainion decent but my heart is heavy for the people of that country who are so much like their Russian neibours. I hope the people of Russia rise up and demand that Putin stop the killing and remove him as the leader if that country.He is a bully and very stupid and he has nuclear weapons.

Thank you