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๐Ÿ“บWhat are some of your thoughts about Samsung TVs?๐Ÿ“บ

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Hey Samsung Members!

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February is coming up - and so is Valentines Day! My girlfriend lives pretty far away - so its hard to get together to celebrate. I think when we do though, we both love to just sit in front of a TV and watch our favourite shows together(The Office, Friends, the usual!) :') 


Speaking of TVs(How about that curve ball transition eh?),


What are some of your thoughts about Samsung TVs/favourite Shows? What are some of your favourite apps/shows/movies to watch? What are some things about Samsung TVs that you love, and what are some questions you may have?


There's a lot of questions here! Whether its talking about your favourite things about the TVs, questions you may have, or even your favourite shows or movies, We'd love to know what you think! Please post your responses in the Lifestyle section, or comment below!



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Unfortunately my experience with S TVs wasn't stellar. First, for some reason, the 49" and below Q60R/Q6DR models are 60Hz, 8bit+FRC panels instead of 120Hz, 10 Bit. Then, when playing some games, the screen flickers a lot, which makes playing games on it impossible. This is not a defect, but is instead caused by FRC and PWM. And finally, ads on the UI cannot be disabled. The first two reasons are kinda my fault too for not checking the specs properly (I would have bought a Q70R if I knew, that'll teach me for buying midrange), but the last one is just disappointing. Currently considering an NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 to become my "Smart TV" and unplugging the TV from the Internet to compensate for this, plus to get access to more apps. I also have to mention that the blacks and the audio aren't very good, but I see that the Q6DR partially fixes the blacks.

Otherwise I enjoyed my QLED S TV, bright, great colours with wide colour gamut, responsive UI, tons of fine-tuning options... Though remember to disable motion smoothing and Auto Motion. I do wish there was some kind of remote keyboard feature, in that when you must type something on the TV, you can do it from your phone. I believe OnePlus has already such feature so it shouldn't be incredibly difficult either.

Personally, I don't often use streaming apps. For some reason, quality always suddenly decides to dip, or the app decides to start buffering, or the highest quality is not available... I still obtain my shows legally but they're streamed locally for guaranteed highest quality at all times. Sometimes even higher than the other options available!
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samsung s6 tv
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Personally, our family isn't really big on TVs so we've got an old Toshiba TV sitting downstairs that our little brother uses to play Nintendo Switch on. I've seen some Samsung TVs at nearby Best Buys though and they always just look... wow.  


Show wise, I mainly watch The Office, Kings of Queens and Kim's Convenience here and there. I also watch a lot of Korean shows/dramas like Vagabond (that ending..), Knowing Brothers, and Reply 1988 (absolutely recommend this one). 

When it comes to movies though, that's what I'm all about. Some of my favourite movies include:

- Inception, Interstellar, Train to Busan, Knives Out, Avengers... the list goes on. 

Grab one of these movies, some snacks, and some friends and hoo boy... Perfect night.


As for any questions, I actually do have one. I'm looking into getting a TV as a well-overdue upgrade for the one in my house... How do the $400 Samsung ones fare? Are they a decent quality or should I spend a little more for better?  Or is there a different type of TV anyone recommends?


Interested to see what others say ๐Ÿ˜Š

Valentine's Day?? Valentine's Day? hmm. change topic please. haha. peace..
Lol! awwh V- Day, V- day! ๐Ÿ’โค๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’›
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Hey All and thanks for the post Jeremy. Feb is definitely here and now.. boy how time flies! I actually have a 55" Q8FN QLED and love almost everything about it! I remember when I first bought it I was watching 4k videos on YouTube.. you know those random store promotional videos to sell tvs. The clarity and crispness of 4k blew my mind. I actually like the fact that I can also easily connect my S10+ to my tv or control it using the SmartThings app. I paired the tv with the Samsung MS650 sound bar to get the fullest experience. All-in-all, I would have liked to get a Q9 for the better local dimming but 65" was too big for the space I was putting my tv in.

I have no complaints with the tv and actually am happy to see Samsung TV Plus come as a free new addition.

As for watching shows, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Mandelorian and always enjoy The Simpsons. On Netflix, got into Pandemic due to the emerging 2019-nCoV. If you got Amazon Prime movies I would recommend watching The Boys as it was filmed here in Toronto and has a great story.

Anyways, hope all of you enjoy your Samsung TVs if you have one and if not I would recommend if you have a Samsung phone as it is integrated very well with the SmartThings app and Bixby.
Netflix for valentine's day. watch Adam Sandler's movies, romance and comedy perfect combo. Samsung smart view, very easy to cast content to the tv.
Love Adam Sandler movies! He is one of my favorites! He is such a down home heart, and the funniest actor- producer and writer o think?
had to comment, just watched Longest yard a couple days ago, then one of his earliest over board. lol.
Have a great morning on Wednesday
I agree!! Adam Sandler is the funniest producer and writer.