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One UI 5 Watch Features Requests

(Topic created on: 05-17-2023 04:07 PM)
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Hi everyone,
I have a Galaxy Watch4 Classic and I'm really loving it. However, there are 2 missing features that I have noticed that even my Gear S3 Frontier Watch had.
I would like to Samsung add the Scrolling Screenshot feature again, just a normal screenshot option is available right now. Also, when using Wireless PowerShare and having the phone plugged in and charging my phone and watch at the same time, the Gear S3 Frontier Watch used to show the charging information of the watch and phone all on the watch screen because the phone is facing down to charge the watch. Both were great features that I thought were cool and used quite a few times. While I'm aware that the Gear S3 used Samsung Tizen OS and the Watch4 uses Wear OS, Samsung should easily be able to implement these 2 Features in One UI 5 Watch OS because that is the point of Samsung using One UI OS, to add Samsung's own features that are not made available by Google in the OS.

Also, Samsung should make the Samsung Flow app available for Wear OS and on Playstore on the Galaxy Watch series again like the Tizen Watches had, this way you would be able to login into your laptop and tablet right on your watch. It was useful and I would like to see it back again.

Any thoughts?
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Hi, we understand your requirements and we will forward your feedback and suggestions to the appropriate team for review and value your time contacting us.

Your feedback will certainly help us to improve the quality of the products in future, please be assured that Samsung always strive to provide the best user experience on the device.