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Samsung Note app - Note 10+

(Topic created on: 06-05-2023 02:30 PM)
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Galaxy Note

I am using the Samsung Notes app on a Note 10+. The app and my phone are both up to date.

I have 2 questions/issues...

1. Is it possible to "Sort" text within a 'Note' document? (I DO NOT want to sort the folders or re-order the actual 'Note' documents themselves on the opening screen. I would like to sort the list I typed up in Notes to be sorted alphabetically.

Is this truly NOT an option in Samsung Notes?

2. Trying to determine a workaround, I thought I'd just use MS Word to sort my list alphabetically, re-copy after sorting and then insert back into my Note. However, 'copied text' from Samsung Notes would not paste into MS Word. Is there a secret trick to copying and pasting FROM Samsung Notes? 

Is it also NOT possible to copy text from Notes and paste it into MS Word? Couldn't seem to make that work the other day either.

Rhanks for any help... 

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Galaxy Note

1. You cannot sort the list within Note Document alphabetically.

2. You can copy Samsung Notes content to MS Word and vice-versa. I tried and both direction works fine to me. No matter perform copy and paste within the phone Notes and phone MS Word, or between Samsung Notes app and MS Word on Windows 11. Even works between Windows Dex and MS Word on Windows 11.