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S22 ULTRA Delivery Date Confusion - And Bad Customer Service

(Topic created on: 03-20-2022 07:05 PM)
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Is it from the date you ordered, the delay, or when you get the email?

I ordered a red one on Feb 12 - got an email on March 1 saying 

Your Galaxy S22 Series smartphone is in the works!

We’ve got great news:
The production of your Galaxy S22 Series smartphone begun.

Samsung (dot) com exclusive colors need special production.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

So, I am confused - am I still on what my order says as a March 5 delivery, or April????


My "ORDER" went back in "TIME"????

Lol - look at this!


Then today I got an email:


I am being asked to review a phone... I haven't even got yet!!!!!

My phone is now at:


Samsung - you don't offer anything in consolation what-so-ever??????

That's *Horrible* customer service - does no one from Samsung actually go over these posts?????????


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Follow and wait for the 4 week timeline.

No matter how many ppl make posts like this, it won't really help honestly
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Buddy, don't defend this recklessness. This service is garbage from what I've seen
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I gave them a horrible review at least...

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Samsung sux
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An ongoing familiar story to so many of us in the same (or similar) boat ! Sigh. . . 😞Samsung_Waiting_03_11_2022_49371_1647869400.jpg
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Hi , We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please check the direct message by following the below instructions and reply to us with the requested information. Log in to the web version of Samsung Members community Canada (Link: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/community/ct-p/ca-community ) and click on the Message icon at the top right(Samsung Members) >> Inbox >> Reply to the DM(Direct Message).

OR Viewing your Direct messages Inbox from your device.

1. On the Members app go to the Community tab.

2. Click on your profile picture and username

3. Click on Direct message.

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Okay - I replied to you Brantley - let's see what magic you can do.



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Brantley i direct message you now. My order is feb 10
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So, to keep everyone up to date, I was told that "it's on the way to your home country, and then from there it will be 2-3 days."

*No* estimated date and time it will come.

*No* sorry, we know you are a loyal customer, and hey, we screwed up on our end, here, here's something we can give you to smooth this over.

Thanks for replying "Brantley", but the "We would like to inform you that the order is shipped to country which means on the way to warehouse. Once order reaches warehouse, it takes 2-3 business days to reach your end." is not very customer centric.

I seriously think you guys dropped the ball - and at least for those of us who actually did pre-order before the February 25th release date - you guys should over some kind of incentive to show us that you care about loyalty.

I have been Samsung loyal since 2012 - and the coldness with the reply, especially the "take it or leave it" attitude with Samsung, quite **bleep**...

I really think, no - I really believe that SAMSUNG should be stepping up here and doing better!