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Unable to access messages app or Chat Settings

(Topic created on: 04-25-2021 12:32 PM)
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After the latest android update, im unable to access my messages.  When i open it a pop up comes saying " Use without chat features" and has an agree button but it qucikly vanishes and im directed to a chrome page saying 

"You don't have access to this service. To request access, contact the administrator for your organisation’s Google services.

If you’re a Google services administrator, you can turn on services. "

I tried accessing the chat settings but it directs me to the same page. I only have my personal account on this phone. No other account under any organisation.  I did have my daughter's school account logged in for online classes but i removed that too but it didn't resolve the issue. I'm hoping it has something to do with the lastest software update that happened last night as it was working fine before. 


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Hi, Please could you contact your service provider for access to messages.

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From what I read, it seems as if your Messaging app keeps crashing. So, in addition to the above solution, force quit it:


If that isn't the issue, here is the solution when you have to force RCS. This method reveals if your SP supports it.

> Turn off your wifi
> Install Google's "Messages" app


(Be charging your phone, always with the original adapter & cable)

> Open it> Naturally, it'll ask you to make it the default Messaging app> agree temporarily to the very end.
> Go to its Settings
> Tap the 3 dots in the top right
> Settings > Chat Settings/chat features
> Enable chat features to turn RCS messaging on.
> send test message to yourself.

Then, > reboot your phone
> open Samsung's "Messages"...Samsung messages will request default status back.
> Follow the steps to the very end, and read each prompt carefully.

Once done, revisit visits Samsung's messages app settings> Three dots > Settings > Chat Settings> Toggle on "Rich Communications Settings"

Keep in mind: It is not guaranteed. As mention, above this process rules out, if your provider supports RCS, so you can still contact them to see if they do or not.

Get familiar with "Activity Launcher" app, and use the below link with it, to your advantage :


What's RCH?...

It's a wonderful tool, function akin to iPhone's "iMessage".
RSC (Rich Communications Services) Provides a chat-like messaging experience for users with supported Android devices.

It features "read" status for sent texts, messages show up in blue, the three dots… typing indicators, all this for parties who have it...many other features.
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The Faster Richer Higher Quality Chat pop up keeps happening every 2 minutes on my Samsung Galaxy, no matter what I try, and the 'chat' in settings is grayed out so I can't select it. I basically can no longer be connected to wifi or data or the pop up blocks my screen.