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Why when I do the Google play store update nothing happens

(Topic created on: 01-11-2024 02:25 AM)
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Hey guys and girls..
I go to about phone than software information than Google play store update..it said it downloaded and said to restart my phone.. so I did but there's nothing saying it updated.. my old phone it would say optimizing apps and take a minute.. this didn't is like nothing happened..I also went back to it and it let me do it again.. still nothing saying about an update
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There's a difference between Play Store updates, Play Services updates, and Play System updates. 

But I think that your talking about the Play System Update. The "Optimizing Apps" does not necessarily happen after every update, and sometimes it happens when there has been no update for any, just a simple Reboot. 

Also, unlike the Monthly Security Patch OTA, you don't see the "your phone has been updated" with Play System or Play Services updates.