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Introducing the 'Break the Rules' Challenge from January 26 – February 2, 2022

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Dear Samsung Members,

As we approach the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, we would like to introduce the Break the Rules Challenge!

Although the New Year is a great time to set typical New Year’s resolutions, it can also be a great time to think outside the box and move forward in a new way. We can set bigger goals and reach higher!

For the year of 2022, why don’t we try a different approach? Let’s take inspiration from one another and learn how to think outside the box from those typical New Year’s resolutions in new and interesting ways!


We will use this community thread before the event on February 9, 2022 to share your challenge stories and excitement!banner 2.jpg



How to participate:

  1. Capture lifestyle photos or images showing the way you think outside the box from typical New Year’s resolutions and how you move forward in a new way by setting goals in your life.
  2. Post a comment on this community thread that includes your photos, and provide a description.
  3. Make sure to add the mandatory hash tags: #SamsungMembers#Breaktherules2022#SamsungContest#GalaxyUnpacked#withGalaxy
  4. Tap ‘Post’ to complete your participation.


Break the Rules Challenge details:

Contest period: Jan 26 – Feb 2th, 2022.

Winner Announcement: Feb 4th, 2022.

Prizes: Two winners will receive: an Unpacked Live at Home Kit provided by Samsung (Approximate value of $313 CAD) and digital access to the Live Unpacked event on February 9, 2022.

See Full Contest rules: http://pages.samsung.com/ca/promotions/English/SamsungMembers_BreakTheRulesChallenge.pdf


The winners will get the chance to be invited to join Members Live virtually for an even more vivid experience of the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked.

Now, show us you’re ready to think outside the box from typical New Year’s resolutions and move forward in a new way!

I'm a videographer and it's been really tough through this pandemic mentally and physically. For my New Years Resolution, I've decided to take up something new and always wanted to do. I started learning how to play the guitar. Music has always been a big part of my life and has helped me get through these tough times. I want to be able to make music with my wife and eventually record songs together.

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Cool that you already knew who the winner was, a year less 2 days in advance lol 😂

How's the Eligible Device list going.. Still showing that ONLY the S21 series is eligible for One UI V4.0 update.. in spite of all the other devices, which have now received the One UI V4.0 update.. 

If Samsung Canada would like Canadians to have any confidence in Samsung Canada.. 

27 January 2022 053232 GMT-0500.jpg

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My outside-the-box New years resolution, is to get in shape, instead of the traditional way of wasting money on a gym. I figured I would use my puppies and have two to make me walk more, play more, and love life more the first picture is last year's Christmas with just Harlow our female. Then in the summer, we got Maverick our male in the second pic. And the third pic was both of them together. Not only does it help me with my fitness they both help with my mental health and are the best animals ever ❤️

Of course, this was taken with my amazing Note 20 Ultra.

When I think about New Years resolution, the first thing that comes into mind is what everyone thinks of. Getting into shape, eating healthy, minimizing screen use time, and hitting the gym. Of course the pandemic makes this really challenging with gyms being closed, people working from home, not being able to socialize. But that doesn't mean we're dead. We all still live in this world and I always try to take advantage of nice weather. Personally I also work from home for the one job but for the second job I work at the airport so it's more about making time for yourself. Getting out of the house getting off the couch. Cats and my bike have always been a huge passion of mine so I will combine the two, I will go for a ride on my bike as well as take my cat to the park and sometime even bring my snake along. Remember we can break the rules and we don't have to follow everyone else. Stop dreaming, wake up and DO IT!

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"Break the Rules" hmmm... i am in a healthcare field and for me, i find it hard to break the rules... Samsung theme this UNPACKED makes it interesting as to what rules is it they will break?

As for my outside-the-box New Year's Resolution, as part of the healthcare personnel, our demand to work is higher this pandemic. As i go to work, i know that the risk in the workfield is high too, but this is what the job is, but I came into realization that our time here is really short, we don't know when is our last day. So, my resolution is to take that gift of Time and spend it with my love ones. My mom and dad are getting old our time is limited, i would spend more of it with them, and make sure that I express and show my love to my parents because, as for me, Family always comes first!!!

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The last few years have really put into perspective of what is important to me. This years resolution was all about thinking outside the box when it came to spending time with my kids.

I have a 6 year old boy and a brand new baby girl and I vowed that I would spend more time capturing moments and making core memories. Since going out to places has been limited we have been spending more time at home doing arts and crafts or having family nerf gun battles and even built an ice rink in our back yard! We are trying to find unique new ways to have fun at home! Who said you need to go out to have fun? Thanks to my Samsung phone though and the single take feature I'm able to capture every moment! #SamsungMembers#Breaktherules2022#SamsungContest#GalaxyUnpacked#withGalaxyIMG-20220128-WA0008_128163_1643430077.jpgIMG-20220104-WA0012-01_122400_1641358173.jpg20220115_195731_09_remastered_123181_1642348581.jpg
When there are so many things going on around the planet, this pandemic pressed me to think that how precious existence is. Most of the time we do things a particular way because that's society's norm. We tend to follow trends and see if that's what makes us happy. Happiness is a very internal element and can vary based on how you pursue things from your intellect. 

Most of the time my new year resolutions would be based on what others are doing as well. And also, what I think will impress other people. 

After thinking a lot about it, I decided to learn all I can about my culture and heritage and how it all started. What's the future of it and how can I help people embrace it.

I am going to start by passing the knowledge that I already have to my daughter and planning to do the same when our new baby will arrive in a few months. 

Overall, I decided to do things that make me and my family happy regardless of what other people think about it. After all, you never know how long that's going to last. 

I wish everyone the best of luck who entered the contest.

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Congrates on your coming new born baby. 🎉🎊