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Android 9 pie Update (Features)

👉Gesture navigation👉Redesigned app overview 👉screen👉New look for quick settings👉Optional dark/light themes👉Digital Wellbeing👉Adaptive BrightnessAdaptive BatteryApp Actions and SlicesImproved notificationsImproved Do Not Disturb mode

Posted by: Techpro
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Samsung is not fair

Samsung is not fair.First of all, why does it have 2 different chipsets for its phones that cost the same price. Every other phone has one single chip for every marketSecond, samsung releases their **bleep** software first to their own exyons chip. T...

JAN 10!!!

Just a heads up guys, you can expect the Android Q update, in Canada, by Jan 10 for MOST 2018> samsung models.This is from my conversation with a lovely Samsung Expert in a Samsung store. *subject to change, probably not

Smart Tutor. A Control Remote App.

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know if you guys have technical issues with your device, you can download the smart tutor app to get some helpDESCRIPTION👇This app will allowed the expert to remotely control your device so that they can have access ...

Posted by: Techpro
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Galaxy S10. (Cameras)

NOW let's explore the camera of this device.Personally I think that the Galaxy S10 camera performamce is quite great cause you have a great resolution and that the way you shot with it it make your phoro a stunishing quality I suggest people to buy S...

Posted by: Techpro
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Just learning

Hey,Is there a how to get started form or video.Questions• are there different communities? If so how do we join • Is all information and questions have to be Samsung related?Thanks for any advice


What can be and cannot be posted online under samsung members, If someone can help me with this it would be appreciated.I'm looking for a list of things.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

I just want to warn potential Canadian buyers about a number of things to consider before buying the Samsung Watch Active 2. Much of the the advertising on the Canadian site is false. The watch does not sync properly with myfitness pal (sporadic at b...

Posted by: HJCan
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