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Connect Soundbar

Posted in: Smartthings

I have a Samsung M360 soundbar connected to my 7 Series TV. I'm trying to add my soundbar to the SmartThings app on my phone, but no matter what I try it won't detect the soundbar. The instructions in the app say to push the SPK ADD or NETWORK button...

notification on Tab S6

Posted in: Tablets

Anyone know if there is a setting(s) such that if I get notifications the screen will come on, rather than having to double tap ?Thanks

Posted by: cagg
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Posted in: Themes

Hey, Can anyone tell me why my phone will not allow me to download or purchase Themes for my phone. I've got my card info put in. I tap on it and it just highlights and does nothing. I've purchased other things, just cant do themes for some reason.

Posted by: Ives
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Hot Topic - December 12th 2019

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Hey Samsung Members! Its been pouring lately, a lot of rain is just coming down. Stay warm everyone! I've also lost so many umbrellas like the clumsy person I im just going to use my hood from now on. Hope everyone is getting their holiday ch...