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>>>  Has anyone else experienced this Smart View Screen MIRRORING Issue / Bug?  <<<

[Note 10+ with latest Android and UI Updates (Purchased Dec. 2019)]

I need help with App: Smart View [TV mirroring]

Mirroring to/with a Samsung UN60F8000 (with Latest Update!)

- Smart View was working perfectly with my new Note10+ and my old S7 Edge.

Mirroring stopped working properly suddenly/out of the blue with Note 10+ end of Jan./early Feb 2020.

Now, when it connects, it just displays a [Wider-Landscape View of the Walpaper (seen Length-wise on pic of TV) ] on my cell screen with two icons on bottom L and R that are NOT on my Cell Screen.
(see pictures)

- After extensive researching/testing/debuging, (I've done and checked Every Possible Setting, even all Developer's Mode Settings) still Zero Results. I did Extensive internet searches for this problem with 0 ZERO hits/results.]

- I Called on 3 occasions to Samsung Cell Support, and 1 call to Samsung TV Support to NO avail !
>NONE of the Samsung Support Techs had any clue how to fix !<

I Reset All NETWORK Settings. = It Did Nothing.
I Reset All APP Settings. = It Did Nothing.

NO Factory Reset done.
I Refuse to Factory Reset ! as this would mean Inordinate Amounts of Time Wasted Resetting my Cell to it's Current Status.
> I've already Spent/Wasted, OVER 25hrs on this Issue (including writing this detailed BUG REPORT) <

- CONCLUDE: Most probably the Recent Note10+ Jan/Feb 2020 Software UPDATE  is what completely messed it up!!!?...

This is absolutely Shamefull on Samsung's behalf! especially considering the VERY EXPENSIVE Price Tag for a 'supposedly' Samsung's Best, Top, High-End Smartphone...

- Only The Audio from Video Files still works [mirrors?] (ie. while playing a movie)
- Screen Mirroring with my S7 Edge Works Perfectly on same F8000 TV.
(ie: probably ruling out any problem from my TV's Side)

'Video' or 'Note10+ Screen' Mirroring NOT Funcional !

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Screen mirroring doesn't work either between my Note 10+ and Sony KDL-55W802A. Used to work fine with my S6 Edge... Didn't find a solution...☹️
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Yeah, I turn auto updates off for this exact reason. Anyway with a major update on Android I think the consensus is that you should backup with smartswitch and factory reset before the update is best. But I confer, we shouldn't have to do this because setting up my device from scratch takes awhile 🤦
Try clearing the cache
If that don't help, only other option I think is...
The tv seems to be ok because it connects to other devices, but it may not be compatible with your new update, but before I'd try updating the tv software, if there's any even available, I would go the factory reset route for your device (after you back it up of course!) because if you update the tv first it might screwy everything 🤦

Dear valued user,

I(ai) am(æmː) in(in) charge(tʃɑːrdʒ) of(ɑv) Smart(smɑːrt) View(vjuː)First(fǝːrst) of(ɑv) all(ɔːl)I(wiː) apologize(ǝpɑ́lǝdʒàiz) for(fɔːr) the(ðǝ) inconvenience(ìnkǝnvíːnjǝns) of(ɑv) using it(it).

I(ai) can(kæn)'t(tiː) see(siː) the(ðǝ) pictures, so(sou) I(ai) don(dɑn)'t(tiː) know(nou) exactly(igzǽktli) what(hwɑt)'s(es) going(góuiŋ) on(ɔːn), please(pliːz) check(tʃek) after(ǽftǝr) setting(sétiŋ) below(bilóu)

Settings -> Developer options -> Force Desktop mode -> disable

and reboot phone.

and test again using Smart View

Thank you

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Yes, I can't connect Note10 using smart view to Google chrome.