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Samsung Care + is not part of Samsung!!!! (follow up from my previous post)

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So after posting my story to the community and sending my message to the CEO (there's email to CEO function on their Internet), I finally got calls from everyone. 

For a month, I've been calling them, explaining them, begging them and finally got extremely frustrated to the point, I'm turning away from Samsung forever, finally I was able to grab their attention. 

Anyway, someone from Samsung President office (let's call her L) called me and shared very interesting (somewhat hilarious) information. 

First Samsung Care + is not part of Samsung Support, it's a 3rd party insurer, and I need to know as client, although I procured this warranty program, thinking it gives me access to Samsung support. So reason why you shouldn't spend $ on this. L. told me if I buy a furniture from Brick and buy an extended warranty, for issue, I would have to deal with the extended warranty issuer (3rd party insurer) and not Brick. I don't agree, if I buy extended warranty for my furniture and if it breaks, I would bring it to Brick, and let Brick to fix it as I purchased the warranty. I never would deal with the insurer unless the company goes bankrupted and I want the extended warranty to be refunded. 

Then she started to teach me that I need to understand that they were working on my issue that they had a stock shortage, which no one told me, but isn't it supposed to be their responsibility to seek for my generous understanding as it's my right to obtain the service as committed by them? For which I did try to understand, waited patiently for the first 2 weeks, which they don't deserve at this point.  Good clients come to good owners. 

Below are the 3 points I tried to explain to her.  I'm client and she's representing Samsung here. 

1. Keep your client informed : During all this, I never get a call to explain me what's happening, although I was told numerous time, every call I made to Samsung support, to Future Tel, to Samsung Care + that someone will contact. Each time, I gave them extra days or weekend, and nothing.  They may think all their clients are idiots, impatient and fanatic, but I'm sorry, we are ready to understand and accommodate if it makes sense and worth.

2. Give some timeline : I know companies don't want to commit on anything, in fear of getting into trouble, but clients should be provided with an anticipated timeline so they can prepare a backup plan. Does Samsung understand that smartphone is no longer an accessory but an essential?  I believe their marketing strategy aligns to this.  Basically, from the beginning, I was asking for a timeline, one week, one month or one year? Do I have to seek for interim measure? 

3.  Their incident management process needs major improvement : I've mentioned it to their staffs, to everyone.. I know it's not their issue but their support system is broken.  Imagine you're having technical issue to make an urgent payment online and is seeking for support with banking solution, but you're told to go from desktop support, who's telling you to close and restart your application, then to reboot your laptop, then... etc. although you've just told them you've already done all that and you know what the issue and what support you need to get.  Broken system, no willing to correct, as organization don't care about client experience. 

The lady who called me from Samsung President's office wasted my afternoon, raised my blood pressure, but I'm grateful at least someone from the company called.  A minimum effort made by Samsung to show and probably leave a record that they contacted client, in case I will seek for legal assistance as I informed them.  Of many interesting things she told me (excuses to disguise the situation, absolutely not making senses), she told me that each time I called support desk, after having already escalated my ticket, the support staff still needed to make me repeat the whole story because they need to understand whom they talk to and which issue I'm addressing as they don't know HOW MANY PHONES I HAVE!  There is such thing as ticket reference number which should contain details of the issues client reported, update progress of the resolutions, details of discussions that took place during the resolution process.. This lady who called me refused to understand this, and here I am, their client, telling how Samsung should or could if they choose to, improve their client service process.  (not really improving.. what I'm asking is minimum effort I deserve, and expect as a customer). 

I will provide update on the progress of my discussion and am glad to see that I'm not the only one going through this challenge, so am hoping that my post would help others to get their issues addressed with less pains than what I had to through.  (If Samsung won't delete my posting or block my account).

Thanks for reading this long post.


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Warranty is up to the place you bought it from. Additional warranty offered when buying from Samsung directly is Samsung's responsibility. But warranty offered by 3rd party sellers at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter is entirely up to that seller. The only warranty that Samsung is entirely responsible for is the 1 year manufacturer warranty they offer for any new products. And that warranty is only offered to cover problems that may be caused during manufacturing or something similar.
The extended warranty you are sold at check out is to cover additional repairs that are not caused by manufacturer error or for repairs that are after that first year has passed.

It's why you can get extended warranty on products that Samsung no longer sells or on used products. It's up to the seller to offer any warranty outside of the manufacturer specified one that is offered. Read the tiny print on literally all the packaging offered by a company. You'll learn a bunch.
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My phone was bought new, hasn't reached 1 year yet.  The chip on my inner screen is listed to be covered by Samsung Care +.  And this Samsung Care + is listed as a total care solution for  the mobiles on Samsung website, which is why I think Samsung is misleading their clients with all their stories about the extended warranty, etc.   I have never agreed to send my phone to a 3rd party repair center, nor that I need to understand Samsung's inner contracting arrangement, and if I knew I had to dealt with the FutureTel for issues and not with Samsung (a 3rd party repair facility contracted by Samsung Care +) why would I even bother Samsung Care +?  

Any inputs much appreciated.



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Most, if not all, electronics are repaired by third parties. In fact, it is rare that a retail company has a same brand repairer. They guarantee repairs via the contracted store aka certified repairers. I understand that desire for straight forward brand repairers, but it easier and more cost effective to contact established vendors than create them
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I am experiencing issues with Care+ right now as well. If you could share with me how to contact the CEO would greatly appreciate it .