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Spam Filter Announcement

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Hey Samsung Members 💙,


We hope all of you are enjoying your time in the Samsung Members community! Our team is working hard to ensure that your experience here is helpful, safe and fun. Part of this includes removing harmful posts or spam.

To work towards our goal of creating a healthy and safe community, we introduced a spam filter (active since June 14th, 2021) that automatically marks any suspicious or harmful activity as spam. Posts marked as spam are subsequently hidden.

On average, our spam filter and moderation team together remove almost 900 harmful posts a month. We are still in the process of improving its learning pattern to better detect harmful posts from regular posts. This spam filter is based on machine learning, and therefore, requires time to learn the patterns of our community. As the filter is learning these patterns, it may occasionally hide completely harmless posts.


We want to reiterate that our Samsung Members team will not delete posts that do not violate our community guidelines, including:

  • Being courteous to others
  • Staying on topic and posting in the relevant forums
  • Zero tolerance for all forms of bullying, including harassment and abuse
  • Maintaining integrity in the community
  • Protecting private/personal information

Posts that respectfully critique the company/products (i.e. complaints and feedback) are NOT categorized as posts that violate these guidelines. We value the voices of our customers.


We expect the spam filter to improve and learn as more posts are made over time. In the meantime, if you believe that any of your posts are incorrectly removed, please reach out to our community moderators. We will restore them as soon as possible. If your post is not restored within 24 hours, please contact @Samsung_Ben directly. If you notice a spam post that is not removed quickly, please flag it for our team by selecting “Report Inappropriate Content” from your app.


As always, thank you for your support and contribution to the Samsung Members Community!



The Samsung Members Team


Thank you Samsung Members Community Team. 🙂
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Good one to avoid criticism about delays and preorder, huh?
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Curious to know how someone new, or unfamiliar with the potential privacy risks of posting their order / loan numbers / IMEI / Phone number / email addresses etc will be treated.

Obviously none of this personal information should ever be posted on a public forum, but the unwitting member who has inadvertently posted this type of information, how will they be advised the reason their posts were "hidden"?

Presently, I along with many other members, will reply to the post with something like: Please edit your post to remove the personal information, this is a public forum & your privacy is at risk ", or something to that effect.

Ideally a Moderator could respond to the post in question, & hide the personal information part of the post, but the member would still be (hopefully) aware of the reason why?

" Machine Learning" can be temperamental & hopefully won't be "adjusted" to limit the respectful expression of satisfaction, or dismay with Samsung Canada's direction & performance.

I find it very unlikely, that this new "moderator's" introduction, just at the tail end of an extremely challenging new product launch is coincidence.

But certainly, if this new "moderator", can swiftly deal with blatant spam, such as multiple posts offering Doctorates in Astrophysics, or cures to the broken hearted etc, then that would be welcome.

As has been recently noted, some of the multiple [actual] Spam posts have remained available for much longer than some posts from dissatisfied members.

Time will tell.. 

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Exactly. I made a post recently, which you responded to, about 9 Spam posts from the same user sitting in this forum for over 8 hrs. Funny how my post got deleted alot quicker than the actual spam posts.
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AND that's my concern about "machine learning", someone is telling the machine what to do! 

Doesn't matter if someone is promoting PhDs in faster muffin stuffing degrees, so long as they aren't using words like "Samsung, Moderators, Clown Car" in the same post. 

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I think most of us here appreciate the work the mods do, but like most things, there is always a need for improvement.

This is a public forum with members from coast to coast and from many different backgrounds. There will always be a multitude of opinions as everyone wants to have their say, especially when they feel it concerns them and want to feel the need to be heard.

I am not directly criticising anyone in particular as I feel constructive criticism should be taken just as that and not a personal attack.

During and for some still continuing spectacle of the pre-order program, I hope that Samsung take notice of some of the points that members here made as I am sure we can all agree improvements are needed.

I personally experienced a post being deleted and was temporarily banned for what? as I was never approached by a mod telling why the post was removed or why I was banned. This leads to frustration on the members side as we are all Samsung product users and as such are entitled to our opinions whether they be good or bad especially in a forum created by Samsung for Samsung users again this how we make things better moving forward.

It's not easy being a mod on this forum and you have my respect and I would like to think the respect of others, but " Respect should be a 2 way street for all involved.
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Very well said!
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as soon as you post a new comment or create a new topic, there are two things you can do:

1 - share the URL through email
2 - bookmark it

with the above you can track comments or topics you believe were censored.
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Hi Ben,
CS said Compensation Team will respond in 2-3 days. But more than a week passed and no response from Samsung Team.
Also, I did not receive AirMiles yet. Can you help? @Samsung_Ben
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