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smartthings app entry

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HelloSo this is my entry. There are three automation. First is when I arrive home, my home speakers tells I'm home so no one is like who opened house door.Second is arming the door when I leave.Third is controlling thermostat. When its above 20c, it ...

Posted by: Bing
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messages app

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Since the update I seem to lose half of my screen at the top to a big waste of space where all is it says is messages. I'm wondering if there is a way to delete or minimize the top section so that I could see more actual text messages. it's nice to s...

smart view

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Anyone can tell me if there's any way I can stop the lag in smartview mode casting from my s9+ to my 55" 4k Samsung smart tv. Really annoying specially when casting YouTube.


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I cannot send a text message to ONE contact. I have tried deleting rebooting and re adding. I tried using the 1 prior to 10 digit number. If I change the first digit AFTER the area code it works but this is now a different number. When I try to hit m...

Posted by: Zac8789
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tablette Galaxy Tab S2

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Je me suis équipé avec Samsung de préférence (tablette, TV 3D, lecteur et cinéma maison) et avec assistant Google, je me prépare pour Google home et ce qui vient avec. Mais si qq'un peux me dire si c'est un bon mélange ou si je suis passer à côté de ...


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I'm having such a hard time adding my echo dot to a specific room... Actually any room for that matter. I've tried and I'm honestly getting nowhere. Help anyone? It's connected and paired just cant figure out how to add it to any room

Posted by: Downey
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Turn on light for 2m only if it is off

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I cannot seem to be able to program an automation of a porch light to turn on only if its already off.I have a motion sensor and if it detects motion i want the porch light to turn on for 2 minutes only if it is off.The problem is i cannot use the li...

Posted by: QueBall
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SmartThings availability for Canada!

Posted in: Smartthings your home smarter (than you) with SmartThings. Featuring an universal hub that works with many connected objects from many brands. Also physical and programmable buttons! Plus check out the 180$ SmartThing...